Triangle’s Creative Class Invited to Third Annual IndieConf

The third annual IndieConf for freelancers and solopreneurs will take place Nov. 17 in Raleigh.

The daylong conference features more than 18 speakers offering information on the challenges facing the self-employed, from financial and legal help to technical advice and ideas on time management and workflow.

The self-employed, or the creative class, as they’re often called, adds up to more than 40 million workers or more than a third of the total workforce, according to an article in Atlantic Cities.

Raleigh is frequently listed as one of the best cities in which to operate a small business. While incubators and other services abound, it’s not always easy for small business owners to find the answers to specific questions, according to IndieConf organizer Michael Kimsal.

“Working for yourself is often a dream, but it’s not an easy one,” Kimsal said. “When you step away from the security of a full-time job, you often run into trouble, but may not have a support group to offer help. IndieConf is a way to reach out to those people.”

Each year, Kimsal collects experts in a range of applicable fields, such as CPAs and attorneys, web designers, SEO sharpshooters, marketers and programmers. This year’s session topics include:

●    How to outsource to help your business grow
●    How to price your services
●    Managing your finances
●    How to work with attorneys and accountants
●    Protecting your assets with copyright enforcement
●    WordPress workflow
●    Monetizing your websites

The daylong conference also includes networking time, during which Kimsal aims for freelancers to build relationships for future support.

“When I started working for myself, I had very few people to lean on,” Kimsal said. “I hope this conference helps someone else so they don’t have the same problem.”

When: November 17, 2012
Where: McKimmon Center, 1101 Gorman Street, Raleigh
More: Breakfast, lunch and snacks included
Early Bird Price: $99 (Ends Nov. 10)
Register/Learn More:

About IndieConf
Michael Kimsal created IndieConf in 2010 to answer the tough questions faced by freelancers and solopreneurs. In its third year, the conference has become the place for independent minds to network and learn and has grown to more than 18 speakers, discussing topics ranging from taxes and legal issues to technology and marketing. Learn more at or @indieconf.

By Jennifer Suarez
Published October 7, 2012