UX Design: Uncovering the truth


Since graduation, I kept hearing the sic-fi initials, UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) , I just assumed it was some new short lived web programming term (and we all know what happens when people assume).  Then I heard the term at several AIGA meetings, and thought I really need to do my research.  After a few hours and cups of coffee,  I realized UX/UI design is a vast, awe-inspiring land of possibilities where many creatives can design and develop the perfect user experience.

Since one of our goals, at AIGA Raleigh Design Ability team, is to educate and inform designers, we are elated to share what we have found. Therefore, all month long, the AIGA Raleigh Students and Emerging Designers blog will be focusing on UX design. Look for posts where we explain and present UX/UI design, we will interview several UX/UI creatives while sharing videos, blog posts, and tutorials we have found along the way!

But before our month of UX/UI design can commence we need you. Yes, you!  Please take a few moments to take this survey and you will help us write our blog posts for the month.  No, this is not a test, but we added a quick study video, from UX Mastery, to help you will some answers (shhh do not tell anybody).


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovj4hFxko7c ] ↘ Click below! Thank you for your help!

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Author of this post: Mayshanna Pandora Briscoe is a Freelance Graphic Designer, Mixed Media Artist and Aspiring Blogger. She has a B.A. in International Business and A.A.S. in Advertising and Graphic Design with a Certificate in Web Technology.  When she is not in her studio she can be found experimenting with a new recipe, posting pictures of her design life or food on Instagram, or making memories with her fan club (aka her friends, family and dogs).

By Mayshanna Pandora Briscoe
Published November 28, 2014