VIDEO: Telling the story of AIGA Raleigh

As AIGA Raleigh celebrates its 25th year as a chapter, we wanted to tell the story of who we are, how we work, how we’ve taken inspiration from the open source model and the creative environment in North Carolina.

The AIGA Raleigh Story from AIGANC on Vimeo.

This film tells our story.

We’re proud to introduce this film and to thank some very talented individuals from the Raleigh design community who created it.

Mike Esser, Jesse Paddock, and Ryan Shelley offered their time and talent to create this film for the chapter. We think they did an amazing job.

A very special thanks also to Jason Rizzo, AIGA Raleigh’s archivist, who has been ever-present photographing and filming so many AIGA Raleigh meetings and events. Some of his work has been featured here as well.


By Jonathan Opp
Published September 19, 2011