Wiki & IA Team Launches

Interested in learning about information architecture? Want to know more about how a wiki works? Curious about how to help a client of yours manage a large amount of documentation and documents in a shared public space? Want to experiment with online collaboration tools and learn some tips and tricks from your peers?

Come on down and join our new Wiki & IA Team!

We’re working to help AIGA Raleigh set up a new wiki space, training materials, and documentation workflow. Not only will we be coming up with the new system, we’ll also be implementing it as we migrate the chapter’s current wiki-based information to a new platform — this is real hands-on experience.

The great thing about volunteering for a working group team with the chapter is that you get a chance to learn new things and skills at no cost to you, and you get to try them out in a low-risk environment outside your regular work life. Many involved members of our community have been able to take new abilities they developed with AIGA Raleigh back into their work lives to great success professionally.


Contact us at for more information about how to get involved and lend a hand!

By Joe Schram
Published October 27, 2011