by Matt Stevens
Last week I had the pleasure of attending HOW Design Live in Chicago. Here are the top 10 takeaways my time at the conference.
Design Ability, Featured, In Brief · May 11, 2017
by Nancy Sampson
Brief interview with UX designer and illustrator Lydia Kuekes, a Raleigh AIGA member.
by Nancy C. Sampson
Design Ability · March 22, 2017
by Chelsea Brown
If you missed AJ's B-Side session or want to learn more, read our recap!
Community, Design Ability, Events, Featured · July 30, 2016
by Chelsea Brown
In preparation for next Monday's class, we asked Woody and Jeanne a few questions about the challenges and perks of owning their own creative biz.
Community, Design Ability, Featured · March 21, 2016
by Chelsea Brown
One of my favorite things about being a designer is watching my projects come to life. It’s totally awesome and rewarding when a web page I designed goes live. What’s not so great is when the launch fails.
by Mayshanna Pandora Briscoe
I could go on and on about Skillshare, but the real point is because of my AIGA membership I was able to utilize another resource to make me a well round creative person.